Lời Ru

In your storytelling… who have you left out? What danger lies in the erasure of experience and narrative?

45 years after the Vietnam War, countless of movies, plays, video games, books, memoirs and works of art that continue to be created about this tragic point in history, yet the perspective of the Vietnamese people remains in the background. We have seen multiple stories about the soldiers either enlisting or being drafted and fighting in the war.

However, what about the people? The everyday people who lived their lives, spent time with their family, worked, fell in love and suddenly had to deal with their world being turned into a land of destruction? What happens when those people are portrayed as secondary? Moreover, what about their children? The ones who have to deal with long term effects of the chemical nature of American warfare? What about the children of Vietnamese immigrants, who due to their geographical location were exposed predominantly to the Western Narrative of their parents’ native land, a narrative depicting their heritage as savage, full of war and pain?

Our lullaby is dedicated to celebrate and bring the Vietnamese experience to the forefront. To embrace the humanity of our experience.

The story follows Minh and Ông listening and learning about what they have in common, trying to grasp the memories of Vietnam back together.


Fulfilling the mission of Lời Ru would not be possible without the generous support of family, friends, organizations, and partners. We would like to thank everyone for joining and being a part of this project.

“Lời Ru,” was made in part with the support from Theater Mitu’s Artist-At-Home program.

We would like to thank Vietnam Heritage Center with their help in the film.

Our Team

Bai-Ka is proud of the full Asian Creative Team of “Lời Ru.”

Our Cast

And the All Vietnamese Cast!