Bai-Ka is dedicated to providing a space of collaboration, education, workshops, creativity, and production of original works by Immigrant/International Artists.

Established at the beginning of year 2021, amidst the pandemic, Bai-Ka’s objective is to cultivate opportunities in the art sector, battling the shutdowns of various art institutions.

To create means to reinvigorate, interrogate and empower. The absence of voice leads to its capture and erasure.

Bai-Ka is located in New York City, the ancestral land of the Munsee Lenape.


People of Bai-Ka

Tuânminh A Đỗ (he/em)

Founder of Bai-Ka. A Việt-Polish interdisciplinary artist based in NYC. MORE

Emily Anne Goes (she/they)

A mixed-Filipina American artist specializing in performance, acting, dance and directing. MORE



Thank You to the supporters of Bai Ka

Confronted with a lack of resources within the American context, many immigrant artists are left in need of financial support. With a passion to create and perspectives often hidden, we look to our donors to not only get our visions off the ground but to allow to support the small businesses and creatives that we hope to collaborate with.

Featuring (left to right): Minh Đỗ, Leon Qin at NYU Tisch Festival of Voices